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Making a Difference as a T&M Student Employee

by Sachi Goel

We were all drawn to the T&M for varying reasons. For some, it was the strong alumni network. For others, it was the engaging curriculum that serves as a bridge between the worlds of engineering and business. For me, it was the desire to join a program where I’d be surrounded by like-minded people and do something to make a substantial difference. T&M offers us numerous opportunities to spark change, such as Idea Box events where students can share their passions or philanthropy efforts we take on as a cohort. The opportunity to make a difference most dear to my heart is serving as a T&M Student Employee.

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Why I am Grateful for Fall 2021: Lessons in Leadership

By Ian Flueck

As we rapidly approach the end of Fall 2021, I have been reflecting on my experience in the T&M Program this semester and I have a lot to be grateful for. Part of this blog will cover that reflection as a way for me to express my gratitude. Additionally, while reviewing the past four months, I identified some lessons in leadership that I feel would make a compelling story and provide a source of inspiration. My hope is that these anecdotal stories may offer generalizable themes that you may find relevant in your own adventures in leadership and personal development.

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Boeing Internship Experience

By Nikola Arsic

Ever since my admission into The Hoeft Technology & Management program, I knew fairly early on that Boeing was the company that I wanted to pursue out of each of the program’s generous corporate sponsors. As the world’s largest aerospace company and 2nd largest defense contractor, Boeing has an extreme breadth of opportunity for individuals of all backgrounds. It is divided into three main segments: Boeing Commercial Airplanes, Boeing Defense Systems, and Boeing Global Services. Its international presence combined with its technological expertise clearly stuck out to me and I felt that the company would be a natural extension of the T&M program into the workforce. Having been my first corporate experience, I was able to take on the company and each learning opportunity that presented itself with an open mind, despite having to do it all in a virtual environment.

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BP: Reimagining Internships

By Alice Getmanchuk

Two truths and a lie: (1) bp stands for British Petroleum, (2) bp is just an oil and gas company, and (3) working remotely is never a good experience.

Actually, these are all false. Surprising, right? After interning with bp this summer in their Innovation & Engineering department, I would say “surprising” is the most fitting word to describe the whole experience which is why I thought I’d start off this way.

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Fall 2021 Hallene Lecture with Dr. Ron Marquardt: Innovation Gardeners

By Jennifer Rowe

T-Mobile is at the frontier of innovation. From robotaxis to drone racing, T-Mobile is committed to leveraging the 5G network “beyond the smartphone.” Dr. Ron Marquardt, Vice President of Advanced Technologies & Innovation at T-Mobile, shared his insights on the process for developing disruptive technologies at the Fall 2021 Hallene Lecture.

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Learning Excellence at Synchrony

By Radha Patel

When it comes to working at a company like Synchrony, there is truly no way to capture the value of the experience you can gain. Within my first summer internship, I learned how to work in a team that I would have otherwise known nothing about. Throughout this internship, my co intern and I were able to create an effective solution that can be implemented for years after our internships ended. During the first couple weeks, my assignment leader provided all the necessary readings and explanations I needed while I started learning about the team I was in and the goals for the summer. As summer progressed, I felt entirely immersed in the virtual work culture and sat in on meetings with executives within the company, where I was even given a platform to voice my opinion.

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A T-Mobile Internship Experience

By Seetha Chalichama

Is it Tuesday?! If so, you should be thinking about T-Mobile! If not, you should still be thinking about T-Mobile and I’ll tell you why! T-Mobile is paving the way to an ambitious and advanced future in the telecommunications industry with it’s leading edge technology, creative solutions, and colorful company culture. The company’s expertise, strategies and enthusiasm to successfully work towards it’s goals of all aspects shine through the entire Magenta community. As the first and largest 5G network, T-Mobile not only grows its products and services, but also expands and diversifies the company.

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Negotiation Workshop with Kristina Wright

By Pranav Burugula

Being part of the Hoeft Technology and Management Program provides a tremendous amount of career opportunities, whether it may be at one of our corporate affiliates or by using the skills we learn in the T&M program elsewhere. Due to this, there may be times when we are fortunate enough to have multiple offers for positions at several companies. However, in these scenarios it is important that we learn to not only compare our options with respect to our career goals, but also ensure that we receive fair compensation for our work. In the negotiation workshop led by Kristina Wright, a Career Advisor in Business Career Services at the Gies College of Business, Kristina walked us through the steps we should take to get the offer that is best for us, from our initial interviews to accepting the final offer. By learning these skills, I felt more confident that I can not only work at places I enjoy by reaching my career goals, but also ensure that I reach my financial goals in the process.

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