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Alumni Spotlights

T&M Soft Skills and Alumni Spotlight : Shivani Soni and Growing into Success

By Will Andersen

For most students, the dream of the perfect job upon graduation is what keeps them motivated through long nights and finals exams. At the same time, many of us don’t have the slightest clue what that job is. Even if we do manage to pick out the perfect job, securing it on the first try can be a tough task. Shivani Soni, an alum of Class XIX, ran the second session in the Soft Skills Speakers Series titled “Making the Most of Your Stepping-Stone Job” where she gave her advice on these dilemmas. Soni used the workshop to explore how one can focus on constructive feedback and self-improvement during a first job to develop as a professional. She pushed each of us to use authenticity and active goal-setting to become a better employee, manager, and leader.

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T&M Alumni Spotlight: Jinal Shah

By Bahaar Bhatia

For students entering the professional world, there are a great number of things that are unfamiliar, and the prospect of building a quality professional network can be daunting. Your career can be seen as a jungle that is hard to walk through successfully alone. To kick off the Soft Skills Speaker Series, Jinal Shah, Class XIX alum, led a workshop on “Building Professional Networks” where he challenged us all to think about how to build a professional network effectively.

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T&M Alumni Spotlight: Kevin Lehtiniitty

By Jacob Rich

In the wake of the pandemic, there are many things that have been canceled: vacations, time with friends, internships, a T&M annual trip to China, among many others. However, during difficult times, innovation can truly prosper. The Hoeft Technology Program has done a great job adapting to the many challenges COVID-19 has brought and has even created new opportunities for students and alumni. One such opportunity is a summer programming series that connects students with alumni to take online courses over the summer and gain valuable skill sets that will aid in students’ further personal and professional development.

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T&M Alumni Spotlight: Brigid Culkin

By Tommy Carver

For the majority of the world, people and companies are scrambling to react and save face during the pandemic and economic crisis. However, for T&M Class XIII alumnus Brigid Culkin and corporate sponsor Abbott, the pandemic has provided an opportunity to rise to the occasion and be part of the solution, rather than a bystander. As seen in recent news with the development of the 5-minute COVID-19 test and the antibodies test, Abbott has used the situation to take a step up and stand in the limelight, acting as a beacon of positivity and hope in the midst of chaos. Brigid Culkin has been no different, as her work with Abbott has ramped up, and her team has risen to meet the new expectations created for them.

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T&M Alumni Spotlight: Elizabeth Engele

By Stephanie Brand, Class XXVI

In the wake of recent events, the world has been subject to challenges and changes that have tested all of our capacities to adapt. T&M affiliates and alumni have continued to respond to the many variables of these unprecedented times with grace, ingenuity, and an eye for opportunity.

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Meet the T&M Alumni Association

By Anna Steinbrenner (Class XXV), Grace Levita (Class XXVI), Himani Suthar (Class XXV), Ian Flueck (Class XXVI), Priya Bharath (Class XXIV), and Tommy Carver (Class XXVI)

In preparation for the upcoming Alumni Networking Event, a committee of current T&M students interviewed the five T&M Alumni Association (TMAA) board members to learn all about ways students can stay engaged with them. Especially in our new “virtual reality”, it is as important as ever to build and sustain networks or communication, and TMAA is here to help with just that. 

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