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Peer Leadership

Peer Leadership

The TMSEs are responsible for projects and initiatives under the guidance and mentorship of the program administration. TMSE supports course facilitation, event logistics, data collection and analysis, CampusGroups system administration, marketing, and other program needs as they arise.

The TMSB serves as the liaison between the student body and program administration, providing insight on student perspectives and interests and is the channel through which students influence programming and work to ensure the T&M student extracurricular experience is tailored to the interests of the student body and aligned with the T&M program’s vision and purpose.

T&M students serving as Student Ambassadors volunteer to provide program insight to prospective students, share reflections on The Hoeft T&M Instagram, and serve on committees that host T&M co-curricular events on campus.

The TMAA mainly serves as a resource for both students and alumni to connect with each other: to create long-lasting and sustaining relationships in an ever-growing network for individuals as they advance through their careers.