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How it Feels to be Accepted

By Grace Levita

After filling out one application, writing three essays, and completing three interviews, the control was out of my hands for my possible acceptance to The Hoeft Technology & Management Program. On March 3, 2020, the day we were notified of admittance decisions, I anxiously sat on my phone, refreshing my email inbox over and over. At 6:54 p.m., I saw a new email that began with “We are excited to inform you that you are being offered a place in Class XXVI of The Hoeft Technology & Management (T&M) program” and my entire world froze. The only words I had dreamt of seeing in an email for three years were right there before my eyes. In one single moment, every second that I’ve spent studying, working, thinking and planning all combined to give me a feeling that I will never forget. This feeling was so heartwarming, and finally, I felt that everything was falling into place.

Of course, I wasn’t the only one stunned with happiness at the acceptance notification. My fellow Class XXVI peers also shared their unique reaction stories and how they felt about their acceptance into the program.

“I was walking to my friend’s apartment to study for our MATH 415 exam when I got the acceptance email. My jaw dropped in shock and I was speechless. I had a smile on my face the entire walk there, and I reread the email a couple times to make sure I actually was reading it correctly.” (Talya Carian – Chemical Engineering)

“I happened to be at an Engineering Council meeting when I found out that I was accepted. The timing was perfect because I could celebrate with the person who first introduced me to the T&M Program: my ENG 100 ELA (and personal hero), Priya Bharath.” (Ian Flueck – Materials Science & Engineering)

“I was taking part in the Crowe Case Competition when I received the acceptance email, a surreal experience which left me smiling for hours. Being a part of such a prestigious group of students was a dream of mine since freshman year, and it was the greatest feeling to see it come true.” (Faraz Ali – Finance & Information Systems)

“The day I found out I was accepted to the T&M program, I had spent nearly 10 hours straight working on a big lab project. Although I was getting pretty exhausted from troubleshooting, the news was just an absolute mood booster! It sounds cheesy, but this was definitely one of those moments that really proved that hard work and dedication pay off.” (Liz Boehning – Electrical Engineering)

Since being accepted to the program, I have grown more and more excited about new opportunities such as networking with peers & corporate affiliates, international immersion, and adding seven fascinating classes to my curriculum. More importantly, however, my acceptance into this program has given me the chance to be a part of something greater and a chance to work together with my peers to operate as a cohort.

Being a part of Class XXVI of The Hoeft Technology & Management Program has already given us the power to celebrate together. As a cohesive group, it is important that we celebrate our successes thus far, as well as moving forward. Admiring and appreciating one another’s accomplishments will motivate us as a team and reinforce the true meaning behind all of our hard work! In turn, we will also boost our self-esteem and motivate one another to grow. All groups thrive on gratitude towards one another and towards every experience. Gratitude facilitates helping behavior, rids a group of negative emotions, and strengthens relationships.

Not only have I been accepted to The Hoeft Technology & Management Program, but I’ve been accepted as I truly am by a group of extraordinary individuals. This experience will not only be something to celebrate, but one to be constantly grateful for. I am excited to humbly take on many new challenges with all 66 of my Class XXVI peers, make spectacular memories, and flourish into the strong students we are sure to become through this program!

Grace Levita

Grace is currently in T&M Class XXVI and is a sophomore in Materials Science and Engineering

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