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Making a Difference as a T&M Student Employee

by Sachi Goel

We were all drawn to the T&M for varying reasons. For some, it was the strong alumni network. For others, it was the engaging curriculum that serves as a bridge between the worlds of engineering and business. For me, it was the desire to join a program where I’d be surrounded by like-minded people and do something to make a substantial difference. T&M offers us numerous opportunities to spark change, such as Idea Box events where students can share their passions or philanthropy efforts we take on as a cohort. The opportunity to make a difference most dear to my heart is serving as a T&M Student Employee.

Being a member of the T&M Student Employee (TMSE) team has been a vital aspect of my experience in the program. Our team works in the background to plan and implement co- curricular events. In the Fall 2021 semester, I hosted the Coffee Chat series with our Corporate Sponsors, working to facilitate conversation between our guests and students. I am also personally responsible for writing and distributing the T&M Weekly, our internal newsletter. Other members of the TMSE team accomplish a myriad of tasks such as running the T&M Seminar Course, managing the program’s social media presence, and much more.

Above all, the Student Employees are a voice for our fellow students in the program. The TMSE team actively works to plan events of interest in partnership with the T&M Student Board. These can be social events, professional development events (our workshops with Patricia Cook are very popular!), and networking events. Each one strives to give T&M Students a chance to grow while ensuring that our students have an enriching experience in the program that goes beyond academics.

As we rapidly approach the onboarding of a new T&M cohort, Class XXVIII, I’d encourage them all to do what they can to immerse themselves within the T&M Program. Being a Student Employee puts us on the frontlines of making this program the best it can be, and I cannot find words to explain how gratifying that is. I entered the T&M Program with the goal of learning and creating a differentiable environment for current students and those to come; being a part of the TMSE team has helped me accomplish that to an unprecedented degree!

Sachi Goel

Sachi is a Junior in T&M class XXVII and also a T&M Student Employee. Sachi is studying Information Systems and Management and is a Gies College of Business Peer Tutoring Coordinator and a Head TA for Business Analytics II.

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