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Signing Off – a Letter of Gratitude from a Graduating Senior

By Megan Glaeser

On March 2, 2018, I received my acceptance into the Hoeft Technology & Management Program. It struck me that I was officially a member of this prestigious program, and I soon realized that my educational experience would be transformed and my future career would be launched to places I had only previously imagined. On this March 2nd, I thought I had experienced the happiest day of my college career.

I expected the professional development, as it was one of the main value propositions of the T&M program. The workshops, the corporate experiences, the networking: these would all sculpt me into a well-rounded college graduate that was confident and ready to walk into a board room. The program certainly did not disappoint. I can guarantee that no other program on campus has the ability to make one feel as prepared for the professional world as the T&M program. I have developed more professional skills than ever before, and I feel confident that I am ready to tackle the first day of my career. I expected the corporate exposure, in fact, I looked forward to it. Easy access to eight industry-leading companies across the world seemed like an unbelievable opportunity. The experience of touring Fortune 100 company facilities, learning from their top executives, and interacting personally with their employees was incomparable to any of my past corporate interactions. As students, there is so much ambiguity in our expectations of the corporate world. The T&M experience arms its students with a preparedness unlike any other to handle professional careers. Prior to my acceptance into the program, I was uneasy about my future and finding the right career path. Now, having experienced all that T&M has given me, I have the direction, confidence, and the opportunities needed to pursue my dream career.

What I did not expect from the T&M program was that not only would it transform my education and career, but my life as well.

I did not expect to develop such incredibly strong friendships from this program. I knew when entering the program that everybody was qualified, but never in my life have I been surrounded by more inspiring, kind, ambitious, selfless, and fun-loving people. They have become the source of every laugh and smile I have on this campus. They are the people that support me and push me to be my best self. The memories we have together make me laugh, cry and smile. I owe so much to T&M for putting me in Professor Michael’s classroom in the fall of 2018 and introducing me to my life long best friends (and of course, Professor Michael).

I did not expect to be elected President of the most impressive group on campus, and as I write this, I reflect on the experiences that alone has given me. It helped me develop strong leadership skills and grow my self-confidence ten-fold within two years, both in a professional and personal manner. I was stunned when I was selected into the program in the first place, but when my classmates and friends chose me to represent them in this leadership capacity, I knew I belonged and that they respected and believed in me. Every step of the way, I have had encouragement from my peers and support from my advisors leading me to success. They have shown me that I am more than capable of taking on big challenges and have given me the confidence to be ambitious and bold in my career, so that one day I may make big changes in our world.

On March 2, 2018 I received my acceptance into the Hoeft Technology & Management Program and I thought it would be the happiest day of my college career. While that may be true, I was oblivious to the fact that this day would be the happiest day of my life. It was the start of hundreds of the happiest memories of my life and hundreds more to come. It was the start of developing unparalleled knowledge and skills, experiencing new opportunities, and gaining new-found confidence that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. So, thank you to the Hoeft Technology & Management Program for everything that you have given to me. These are gifts that cannot be repaid. Though my time as President and as a graduating senior may be over, I remain committed to the T&M program, so that those following in my path can experience the same feelings that I felt on March 2, 2018.

Megan Glaeser 

Megan is currently in T&M Class XXIV,  the outgoing President of T&M Student Board, and is a senior in Mechanical Engineering

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