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A T-Mobile Internship Experience

By Seetha Chalichama

Is it Tuesday?! If so, you should be thinking about T-Mobile! If not, you should still be thinking about T-Mobile and I’ll tell you why! T-Mobile is paving the way to an ambitious and advanced future in the telecommunications industry with it’s leading edge technology, creative solutions, and colorful company culture. The company’s expertise, strategies and enthusiasm to successfully work towards it’s goals of all aspects shine through the entire Magenta community. As the first and largest 5G network, T-Mobile not only grows its products and services, but also expands and diversifies the company.

This summer, I had the great opportunity to intern as an Implementation Engineer for 12 weeks under the T-Mobile for Business sector where I learned so much about the corporate lifestyle, company, culture, industry, and especially networking. My job consisted of wireline work, network and circuit design, and presales which integrated both business and engineering skills and techniques. I was required to learn, memorize, think, and understand quickly on my feet in order to properly execute the tasks I was given. The on-boarding process was very smooth and organized where we had consistent lessons every morning which built off of the previous ones and provided us with all the knowledge and helpful resources necessary to do the job. The methods and processes used to make MPLS and DIA additions and upgrades and CPE orders were quite different and varied from customer to customer. This position also allowed me to interact with company clients such as Home Depot and American Automobile Association and work on site or location orders from all around the world. Another exciting part about this job was working with my mentors and team! My mentors and the rest of the people on the team acted as a support system for me; always there to help guide me and provide me with feedback so I can improve my skill sets every day. My mentor and hiring manager would meet with me twice a week to check in on my work and progress. All of our team meetings were productive, but fun at the same time where we got to talk about our week and share anything exciting we had. The T-Mobile Internship program also had many professional and social events to help us connect with executives and other interns. I attended several speaker events virtually where I got to ask questions and hear from very experienced people in the company.

I believe T-Mobile is an amazing fit for me and I think it will be for other T&M students as well since it brings together business and engineering principles which can be applied to work and other aspects of our professional and personal lives.

Seetha Chalichama

Seetha is a Junior in T&M Class XXVII. She is studying Aerospace Engineering and is a T-Mobile Implementation Engineering intern doing work with network design and presales.

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